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1. They are going to a business trip _____ the weekend.

2. _____ there a bank near here?

3. My co-worker ______ got the report today

4. I can’t go to the cinema with you today because I’m _____.

5. Choose the correct option

6. Her son _____ speak yet. He is one year old.

7. Choose the correct option

8. Their colleagues _____ to the conference last week.

9. We stayed at a beautiful hotel _____ the sea

10. I went to the shopping centre _____ a present for my friend.

11. Can you show _____ how to use a printer?

12. He prefers to work _____ his own.

13. If I _____ some free time, I _____ you.

14. I talked to a woman _____ was from the USA

15. You have to _____ at the interview if you want to get this job

16. If I _____ you, I _____ accept their offer

17. Don’t shout _____ me.

18. She was so upset that she burst _____ tears.

19. I regret _____ so rude to Jane yesterday

20. I speak four foreign languages

21. His wallet _____.

22. If only I _____ money to buy that fashionable jacket

23. Everybody took the test, _____?

24. _____ them, she didn’t answer

25. No one could have _____ the chain of events that the accident set in motion.

26. ____ primary task of ____ development is to eliminate ____ poverty

27. Nobody enjoys ____ get up at five o’clock in the morning

28. You can have a dog _____ you promise to take care of it

29. We were _____ disappointed when the award for best project went to our main competitors.

30. A mobile phone is considered to be one of the greatest _____ of the humanity

31. Read the text and answer the questions.

Foreigners have many ideas what the English are like. For example, many people say that they are cold and reserved, friendly and well-mannered. You hardly find a person in England who dislikes tea drinking, home cooking and gardening. Their sense of humour is known all over the world.

As for other characteristics which are associated with the English, they are egoism, self-confidence, intolerance of outsiders, independence, love of comfort and a strong belief in private property. Moderation, the avoidance of extremes, the choice of middle way is among the essential qualities of the English.
The English have a strong sense of individualism which can be explained by the uniqueness of the British which was isolated from the European continent for a long time.

One thing never fail to confuse foreigners when they come to Britain and it is British meals. The English are used to certain food and seem never get tired of it. The legendary English breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, tomato, fried bread and a variety of sausages. It is usually finished off with slices of toast spread with orange marmalade and a cup of tea with milk or lemon. The English are very fond of tea. They drink tea four or five times a day.

The English are said to be a nation of stay-at-homes. Their famous saying “There is no place like home” is known all over the world. When the Englishman is free, he likes to be at home with the company of his wife and children. There is another saying which is typical for the English — “The Englishman’s house is his castle.”

Undoubtedly, the English are rather conservative. They are proud of their customs and are reluctant to change them in a way. Examples of the English conservatism, such as eating traditional English food or reading a newspaper in the morning are well-known worldwide. On a large scale their conservatism is expressed through the attitude to the monarchy, for an example. The local conservatism can be easily noticed in private traditions observed at schools and societies. So, Britain is the country of traditions and they make a nation special.

Which of the following are not considered to be characteristics of the English?

32. Why do the English have a strong sense of individualism?

33. What does traditional English tea include?

34. Why are The English said to be a nation of stay-at-homes?

35. Choose the best title for the article.

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